Beauty favourite 

Hello lovely people,

I thought I’d do a little review/post about one of my favourite beauty products – one that I’ve been using for a few years now and one that I always go to! 

Lots of us use and love BB creams – I am one of those people! I don’t often wear a foundation because I have very sensitive skin and foundation just does not agree with my face at times – it clogs up my pores and can sometimes irritate my skin. I have tried tinted moisturisers in the past but could never find one that provided much in the way of coverage. 

In my quest to find a tinted mosturizer type product, all those years ago, I stumbled across this:

Rimmel London skin perfecting BB cream, and ever since I first tried it, I have absolutely loved it! It’s 9-in-1 benefits (primes, moisturises, minimises the appearance of pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect skin) help my skin feel light – like I’m not wearing a foundation/cream at all. It has a natural coverage and after a long day at work, after taking my make up off, my skin doesn’t feel oily or tired but feels soft and clean. 

Rimmel offer this BB cream in matte and skin radiance as well – but the original is my favourite! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and might give the BB cream a go! 

Love, Emily x

PS, just to try and show the BB cream in action compared to a foundation, here’s a picture of me wearing the rimmel BB cream on the left and Revlon colour stay foundation on the right. 


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