Garnier mostiure+matte

Hello lovely people,

Another week over at work and almost another weekend over and I haven’t updated or posted for over a week, oops!

I hope you’ve had an amazing week and weekend – I’m on a two week countdown until I go away to London for 5 days with my boyfriend, Callum and I really cannot wait. Anywaaaaay, last week I was complaining to my mum about shiny/oily skin and whilst she was having a clean out she found an unused bottle/tube of Garnier moisture+matte daily moisturiser (which was/is sometimes called “moisture matte shine be gone”). She gave me it to have a go with and I must say, I really like it! It’s infused with green tea and smells so fresh – a bit like cucumber. I use it on a morning before I apply make-up, but use my usual vitamin E mosturiser on an evening. 

The moisturiser feels really light and refreshing when applied and soaks into my skin quickly. It also leaves my skin feeling soft all day and my make-up applies smoothly on top of it. In the moisture + ranges there is also moisture+protectmoisture+nourishmoisture+radiance and moisture+soft so there’s a version for all skin types, which I think is great and I’ll definatly be sure to give the others a go in the future.  

The moisture+ range claim to offer tailoired moisturiser for specific skin types for 24 hours and an amazing bonus is they’re really affordable! The moisture+ matte moisturiser is currently on offer at Boots for only £2.79!

There we are, a little review of yet another skin care product of mine. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Have a fab week, everyone! 

Love, Emily x


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