New skincare routine 

Hello lovely people, 

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend – I know I have! My boyfriend got a new job (woo!) and to celebrate he bought himself three new budgies, which I’ve been helping to settle in and we also had a trip to Gretna gateway where I had a good spend and treated myself to a few new products that I already absolutely love! 

Before we went to Gretna, I’d been up town on the hunt for some new skincare products. I haven’t been very good at taking care of my skin over the last couple months and it’s starting to show. I’ve had a lot of spot breakouts and lots of very dry skin, especially around my eyes. I made the decision earlier on in the month that as soon as payday came I would get some new products to tackle my not very nice skin. I’ve had my eyes on the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser for ages now and was planning on buying myself some. However, for me, it’s quite pricey and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to splurge and give it a go or not. That being said, when rummaging around in Superdrug, I came across there own version, Superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser, which was only £5.99 (and on buy-one-get-one-free at the time). They only had one in store so I grabbed it along with the Superdrug naturally radiant brightening eye cream to tackle my dry, tired eyes. 

Strangely enough, I was visiting my grandma at the weekend and was talking about my new products and she had a travel bottle of the Liz Earle version she gave me to try to see if I like – so now I have the Liz Earle version and the Superdrug version! I’ve tried both and so far, I must say, I’m leaning towards the Superdrug version. The Superdrug cleanser itself feels much smoother and a nicer consistency and the fact it’s less than half the price of the Liz Earle cleanser does make a big difference to me. When you buy the Superdrug cleanser, it comes in a box with a muslin cloth. They are both fabulous products and are very similar, it just so happens, I prefer the Superdrug version. The thing I don’t like, about both, is the smell. They both smell really clinical, in my opinion. My skin does feel amazing and so clean after I use either cleanser, though. 

Now, I only bought the Superdrug naturally radiant brightening eye cream because it was BOGOF and they didn’t have another hot cloth cleanser, but oh my word, this eye cream has worked absolute wonders on my eyes already. As soon as I apply it to my under eyes, where I have really bad dry patches of skin, I notice a different straight away. My eyes look brighter and I can see the dark circles almost totally disappear! I love it and will definitely keep using it. The bottle isn’t very big, but a little tiny dot goes a long way and is more than enough. The only thing the eye cream doesn’t seem to be shifting for me, at the moment, is the very fine lines I have under my eyes. 

I’m a sucker for the BodyShop so the rest of my new skin care products came from there. When I went into the BodyShop, I was originally looking at buying some products from the aloe vera range, but a lovely shop assistant recommended the vitamin E range as it helps to cool and hydrate skin, which is what she thought my skin needed. The three products I bought from the vitamin E range were: The vitamin E moisture creamvitamin E hydrating toner and vitamin E moisture serum. My favourite of the three so far is definitely the moisture serum. It is amazing – as soon as I apply it, my skin feels instantly softer and the serum itself feels really light and silky. I’ve been applying all these new products, morning and evening, since Saturday and already they have made a huge difference to my skin. As soon as I apply them, my skin feels cool, clean and so soft. It also makes a real difference to how my make-up sits on my face. I love it all so far and will be sure to keep you updated on how it works on my skin! 

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoy this post about my new skin care products – I’ll be sure to keep you updated on them! Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. 

Love, Emily x

P.s, here’s some pictures of Callum’s new budgies! (The green one is Aura, blue is Iris and the white one is Apollo – their named after Greek Gods/Goddesses)



Mary-Lou Manizer update 

Hello lovely people,

Yesterday I posted about my first feelunique order and talked about The Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter by The Balm – which I tried out, on my face, this morning. 

This is just going to be a little update on the highlighter – what I think about it with some pictures of the end result. 

The highlighter is quite pigmented so it was no problem applying it to the brush and none of the product, that I could see, fell off the brush. It felt very soft when I applied it onto my face and the colour is beautiful. I really like the colour – as I said yesterday, it’s a peachy/golden colour with not too much sparkle/glitter. The highlighter gives a really nice glow that you could build up if you wanted to. I applied two little sweeps of highlighter to get my preferred look but just one sweep provided a nice, natural glow and I imagine you could add more and more, if you wanted to create a more noticeable glow. 

I’ll definitely continue using this highlighter because I’ve just fallen in love with it already! It’s definitely a 5 out of 5 for me. 

I took a standard selfie and then some close ups in different lighting to try and show case the glow. Thank you for reading my update, I hope you’ve enjoyed it! 

Love, Emily x 

My first order!

Hello lovely people,

On Monday I placed my first ever feelunique order and it was delivered this morning. I’ve never ordered from them before and I was impressed with how long it took to be delivered and my order was packaged really well.

I ordered three products and also receive 2 free samples. I ordered The Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter by TheBalm, NYX studio finishing powered in translucent and NYX sculpt and highlight face duo in taupe/Ivory. The two free samples I got with my order were Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower and Herborist silky all day moisturising facial toner.

Within a few hours of my order coming, I have already tried them all and thought I’d do a post about my first impressions of these products with some picture to match. 

The first thing I tried was the Herborist facial toner which felt absolutely wonderful on my skin. It felt so soft and my skin still feels soft now after applying my make-up. The consistently was a bit thicker than my usual toner, but it’s defiantly a product I’ll consider using in the future. I also had a little spritz of the Jimmy Choo illicit flower which has a floral and fruity scent. 

I first heard about the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter on a YouTube video by Mia Redworth, one of my favourite instagramers/youtubers/bloggers. She was doing a tutorial on her daily make-up look where she used and talked about this product which just looked absolutely beautiful on her skin and I thought instantly “I’ve got to try this!”. After looking around online, I found it and it was quite pricey for me (I don’t tend to spend too much on make-up) with it retailing at about £17.50-£19. However, I found it on feelunque for £14.85 (it was and still is 15% off) and decided to get it. The packaging is gorgeous and I absolutely love it. It’s a picture of a retro pin-up girl posing for a police line-up picture. When you open the case up there is a mirror inside. The colour is quite golden/peachy and it isn’t “glittery” like a lot of highlighters are. I’ve swatched it on my hand alone and also next to my usual highlighter(Golden Lights vivid highlighter by Make-up Revolution) to compare the two. I really like the colour and the highlighter feels soft to touch and I can’t wait to try it on my face!

The next product to test was the NYX studio photo finishing powder in translucent. The powder is very translucent – it’s practically white. There’s a sieve like lid on top of the powder so you can pour some out into the lid without making too much of a mess. I couldn’t swatch the powder as it was so pale and melted into my skin as soon as I tried to put some on my hand to test it. The powder is very fine and, as I say, melted into my skin. 

The final product to test was the NYX sculpt and highlight face duo in taupe/Ivory. I’ve wanted to buy this product for a while now but could never find it in the right shade for my skin. It’s very creamy and blended out nicely when I tried it on my hand. I’m not too keen on the applicator – it’s like a lipgloss brush on both sides and I just feel it’s a bit thin. What I like most about the product is the set of three pictures on the side with a basic idea of where to apply the highlighter and the contour. 

And there we go! My first impressions of my first feelunique order. I will defiantly be ordering from them again as they have so many different brands and products available and I love the little samples that come with your order. They have a sale on at the moment so I’d recommend having a look! They also have a samples section where you can try out samples in 3 different ways – you can choose 5 samples and pay £3.95 delivery/handling (but you can claim the £3.95 back on your next order), you can get a “try me” sample where you buy a product that comes with a smaller “try me” sample so you can try the sample version and if you don’t like it, you send back the full sized, unopened version for a full refund and the last option is you spend £30 or more and you can pick 2 free samples at the checkout (which is the option I chose). Thank you for reading my post, it’s a long one but I hope it’s been helpful! Any feedback would be fabulous and thank you again! 

Love, Emily x

Beauty favourite 

Hello lovely people,

I thought I’d do a little review/post about one of my favourite beauty products – one that I’ve been using for a few years now and one that I always go to! 

Lots of us use and love BB creams – I am one of those people! I don’t often wear a foundation because I have very sensitive skin and foundation just does not agree with my face at times – it clogs up my pores and can sometimes irritate my skin. I have tried tinted moisturisers in the past but could never find one that provided much in the way of coverage. 

In my quest to find a tinted mosturizer type product, all those years ago, I stumbled across this:

Rimmel London skin perfecting BB cream, and ever since I first tried it, I have absolutely loved it! It’s 9-in-1 benefits (primes, moisturises, minimises the appearance of pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and helps protect skin) help my skin feel light – like I’m not wearing a foundation/cream at all. It has a natural coverage and after a long day at work, after taking my make up off, my skin doesn’t feel oily or tired but feels soft and clean. 

Rimmel offer this BB cream in matte and skin radiance as well – but the original is my favourite! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and might give the BB cream a go! 

Love, Emily x

PS, just to try and show the BB cream in action compared to a foundation, here’s a picture of me wearing the rimmel BB cream on the left and Revlon colour stay foundation on the right. 

First post!


My name is Emily and after looking at some amazing make-up blogs on the Internet, I thought I’d make my own!

Now, I’m not the best at applying make-up or doing hair so I thought I’d make a blog about my make-up/hair/beauty journey(maybe with some baking/cooking/random other stuff thrown in!) which I’m sure will have lots of good bits and lots of bad bits! In the past I’ve been known to rock the fluorescent eye shadow look but at this present time I’m fond of black flicked eyeliner and nude lips.

Thank you you for reading my first blog post and hopefully you won’t be disappointed and they’ll be lots more to come!

Love, Emily x