Bourjois: rouge edition velvet “don’t pink of it!”

Hello lovely people, 

I hope you’re all having a lovely week and have lots of amazing plans for the weekend. This weekend is the weekend Callum and I finally go to London! We’re away for 4 nights/5 days and you’d think we were going for a 14 day meditation cruise judging by the amount I’ve packed! 

Anyway… whilst popping into Superdrug for the soul reason of picking up some hand sanitizer (a product that should cost about 80p and I came out with a total of £16.84… oops), I picked up the Bourjois: rouge velvet edition liquid lipstick in the shade “don’t pink of it!” And thoughts I’d do a first impressions post. 

The shade is pink – no surprises judging by the name! When I first applied it, I wasn’t sure as it’s a lot pinker than I’d usually go for, but after having it on for a while, I think I like it! Application was easy, but a lot of product was on the brush so there was no need to get more product from the bottle. It felt really soft and velvety and the feeling stayed whilst the lipstick dried. It doesn’t stain like a lot of other liquid lipsticks do – it does stay on but is easier to wipe of and transfers easily so this defiantly isn’t a staining liquid lipstick – but for the price of £8.99 (or two for £12 at the moment), I’m not complaining and it certainly is a good lipstick. 

And that’s it! A little first impressions blog post before my big London adventure! Have a lovely rest of the week and lovely weekend and thank you for reading!

Love, Emily x