New make-up brushes, finally! 

Hello lovely people, 

I’ve been on the hunt for new make-up brushes for ages now. I’ve asked family and friends, looked online and rummaged around shops, feeling and testing different brands to find some I really like. I haven’t bought new make-up brushes for over a year and my current (old) ones are falling apart and just aren’t good quality anymore – so I was in good need of a whole new set of brushes. 

Most people had been recommending Real Techniques brushes but to buy a whole set was going to be quite pricey. I’m going to London next month with Callum and I’m trying to save like mad so came to the decision not to splurge on pricey brushes until I come back. That being said, I was on eBay and came across the Savisto 32 piece professional make-up brush set for £12.99 with free delivery. Now, I wasn’t expecting miracles for £12.99 for 32 brushes (that’s about 40p a brush!)but the idea is they’ll be a quick fix until I can afford “proper” brushes. 

I’ve just received the brushes today and I’m pleasantly suprised to say the least! They came in a black box with the brand logo on the front and the brushes themselves were in a black rollout faux leather bag, all individual wrapped in a plastic protector cover thing. When I opened the box and starter unwrapping the brushes, they didn’t smell nice at all. Like really cheap leather and chemicals – further investigation revealed it was the faux leather pouch (unsurprisingly with the smell) that was the culprit. I unwrapped each brush and had a bit of a play around with them – they appear to be solid with some weight to them and the brissles are really soft and haven’t fallen out when I’ve felt them with my hand. So far, I’m pretty impressed with my bargain brushes but only time will tell if they’re actually a bargain or if the price was just too good to be true. 

The only negatives so far have been the smell when unwrapping and there isn’t a leaflet or piece of paper of any kind telling me what each brush is! Some of the brushes are obviously easy to figure out, but others aren’t so I had to look on the Savisto website (they do kitchen appliances and everything!) to find out what each brush is and found a set of pictures explaining each brush. The brush set is £16.99 on the website.  (There’s a random picture of the rollup case the brushes came in because the collage didn’t work with only three pictures.)

And there we have it! My new budget make-up brushes which I will keep you updated on as I use them. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and thank you for reading. 

Love, Emily x