Friction Free Shaving 

Hello lovely people, 

I haven’t posted on here for so long! I’m so sorry for my lack of activity over the last few months. With Christmas, New Year and various different things, I just kept forgetting to post which is sad because I really enjoyed updated my blog so I promise I’ll try and be better and update more often. All that being said… I thought I’d continue my blog by posting a new review. 

I’ve been searching around for a new razor for months and struggling to find one I could afford on a tight budget. I’m aware that razors might not seem “that expensive” to a lot of people, but to me, they are. The handles aren’t expensive but buying new blades can be with some refill packs, of 3/4 cartridges, costing £13-£15 ! If I could get away with it, I’d just buy a packet of those travel razors that have 1/2 blades, but because I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, that’s not an option for me. Because of my skin, I need at least 4 blades in a razor and I can’t use blades that come with those moisturising strips attached to them, like the Olay ones, so that makes me already slim choices, even slimmer. 

I was on Facebook a few months ago and came across Friction Free Shaving, a monthly subscription service for razors – what an amazing idea! You pay £5-£7 a month and each month, you get a delivery of a razor and 4 blades. I currently pay £7 a month for the Samantha razor, which has 5 blades in each razor head. Originally, I thought I’d “give it a go” and see what happens – I wasn’t losing lots of money if I didn’t like the blades and took the chance. I’m now on my second month and absolutely love my new razor! For such a small price, I thought the razor and the heads would be plastic and really flimsy, but they aren’t. The handle feels pretty heavy and so do the blade heads. It feels so refreshing being able to change the razor head ever week and means I get a soft, cut-free, easy shave every single time which is amazing. The packaging is also really neat and small and can be posted through your letterbox, which is great if you’re not going to be in(I hate it when I miss a delivery and have to trail all the way to the post office to pick something up!).

I’ll attach some photos I took of the razor and the packaging and I would whole heartedly recommend trying Fricion Free Shaving. It’s fabulous value for money and great quality too! Thank you for reading my post and let me know if you try out FFS. 

Love, Emily x